Welcome to our River Rock Ranch Boer Goats
website. We are located near the George
Washington National Forest and along the
Germany River in beautiful Rockingham County,

We raise registered full blood Boer goats.  We
are striving to develop high quality Boer goats as
we grow our  herd by closely following the Boer
goat breeding standards.

Kids for Sale!
Nice bucklings and doelings ready for a new
home in a couple of months.  
Call 540-852-3383 to plan your visit to
River Rock Ranch.
New to Boer Goats:  What are Boer goats?

Boer goats are large framed animals resembling in many ways the Nubian goat.  The
most striking difference between a Boer goat and any other type of goat you may have
seen, is the size. The Boer goats were originally developed to clear land that was too
difficult to be cleared by humans. A Boer is a large, double muscled animal developed
in Southern Africa specifically for meat and hardiness.  They can consistently produce
more muscling in less time than any other breed of goat and will pass this capability to
their kids.  Boers are vibrantly colored and relatively uniform throughout.  They are
fun to raise,  love to hike,  can even swim,  have mild temperaments, are affectionate,
require no milking,  and no shearing. They  also have huge rumen capacity.  They
spend a lot more time grazing than other types of goats do.  One reason for this  is that
they are out grazing in the heat of the day when dairy goats are wilting in the shade.  
They are also out grazing when the snow is blowing across the pasture.
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